Overview of the Seven Stages of Life

 Excerpted from

“God-Talk,Real-God-Realization,Most Perfect Divine Self-Awakening, and The Seven Possible Stages of Life”

There are only seven possible stages of life. And Real (Acausal) God (or Truth Itself, or Reality Itself) may (in any moment) be talked about from the (either real or imagined) “disposition” of any one of them. However, actual Real-God-Realization (or the Realization of Truth Itself, or Reality Itself) is profoundly more than talk (and thought), or even talking (and thinking) about talk. Indeed, the Way of Real-God-Realization (or the Way of the actual Realization of Truth Itself, or Reality Itself) truly begins where (and when) talk (and thinking) ceases.

In the Literature of Adidam, Which is the Way That I have Revealed and Demonstrated for the sake of all-and-All, I have Described the seven potential stages of human life. Briefly, the seven stages of human life may be summarized as follows:

In the context of the first three stages of life, the gross body-mind-complex is developed and coordinated. First, the gross physical is developed, then the emotional-sexual functions are developed and coordinated with the gross physical, and (finally) the mental functions and the function of the will are developed and coordinated with the emotional-sexual and gross physical functions. Optimally, all of this is nurtured, guided, and done in the context of love, trust, and surrender in relation to the Living Acausal Divine (or the all-and-All-Pervading and all-and-All-Transcending Real Acausal God, or Truth Itself, or Reality Itself).

In the context of the fourth stage of life, this now complex psycho-physical being is surrendered beyond itself, to and into the (all-and-All-Pervading, and all-and-All-Transcending, and Self-Evidently Divine) Source (or Source-Condition) That Pervades (and, yet, Transcends) it and the total “world”. This surrender is done to the point of conditional union with That Divine Source (or Source-Condition). In due course, such conditional union becomes, by Means of Divine Grace, conditional union with the Spiritual Presence (or Spiritual Current) of That Divine Source (or of That Divine Source-Condition, Truth Itself, or Reality Itself)–and this in occasions of tangible (descending) Bliss that involve and (simultaneously) transcend the body-mind-complex.

In the context of the fifth stage of life, this process is continued, but the plane of conditional “self”-awareness ascends, to become dominantly subtle (or psychic), rather than gross (or merely physical)–and the Realization of conditional union with the (all-and-All-Pervading and all-and-All-Transcending) Divine Source (or Source-Condition) involves the ascent of attention, that eventually goes beyond physical references, and (at last) even beyond mental references.

In the context of the sixth stage of life, attention (which is the causal “root”, or base, of the mind) is introverted (or, by one or another means, surrendered), away from gross and subtle states and “objects” of the body-mind-complex, and toward its own “root”, even the Ultimate “root” of the ego-“self”–Which Is the Witness-Consciousness (when attention is active), and Which Is also (Ultimately) Consciousness Itself (Prior to “objects”, and Prior to the sense of separate “self”). The Ultimate result of this exercise is conditional Realization of the Transcendental Self-Condition, or the intuition of Self-Existing Transcendental Being–which intuition remains strategically (and, otherwise, tacitly) dissociated from all “objects” (even if, as in the case of sixth stage “Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi”, the natural perception and conception of phenomenal “objects” is freely allowed).

In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life, there Is Prior and Non-conditional (or Inherent, and Inherently Most Perfect) Self-Identification with Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Transcendental (and Self-Evidently Divine) Being, or the Divine Conscious Light (Itself)–the Ultimate (Divine) Identity of all beings (or “subjects”), and the Ultimate (Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of all conditions (or “objects”). This Prior (or Inherent) and Inherently Most Perfect Self-Identification (or Divine Self-Abiding) is directly Realized (by Means of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace), entirely apart from any dissociative act of introversion. And, while Divinely Self-Abiding (Thus), if any conditions arise (or if any states of body-mind arise), they are simply (Divinely) Self-Recognized in the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Being (as transparent, or merely apparent, and non-necessary, and intrinsically non-binding modifications of Itself). Such is seventh stage Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi–and It is Inherently Free of any apparent implications, limitations, or binding power of phenomenal conditions. If no conditions arise to the notice, there is simply the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Being. Such Is Absolute (or Inherently Most Perfect) Realization of That about Which nothing sufficient can be said–and there is not Anyone, Anything, or Anywhere beyond It to be Realized.

Individuals (at one or another stage or moment) in the first six stages of life either pursue (but do not yet Most Perfectly Awaken to) the Realization of Real (Acausal) God (or of Truth Itself, or Reality Itself) or they (otherwise) submit to lesser purposes (relative to “self”-fulfillment at any particular stage of life) or (in the context of either the fourth or the fifth or the sixth stage of life, because of the characteristic limitations of the particular stage of life) they submit to one or another (conditionally achieved, conditionally determined, and conditionally limited) form of presumed “Real-God-Realization” that is dependent upon the (necessarily, conditional) exercise of the body, or the body-mind, or the mind, or (simply) attention itself. Therefore, strictly speaking, Real-God-Realization (or the Realization of Truth Itself, or Reality Itself) is a characteristic only of the (only-by-Me Revealed and Given) Final and Complete (or seventh) stage of life. However, less strictly speaking (or, as a matter of conventional reference, intended to honor the truly profound developmental demonstrations that may precede the only-by-My-Divine-Avataric-Transcendental-Spiritual-Grace-Given Realization of the seventh stage of life), the term “Real-God-Realization” (and the term “Real-God-Realizer”) may also be applied to cases and degrees of developmental demonstration in the context of either the fourth or the fifth or the sixth stage of life.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Seven Stages of Life
Dispositions of the Stages of Life
The Seven Stages of Life and The Great Tradition
The Five Orientations Relative to Reality
The Methods of Sixth Stage Orientations
The Responses to Religion and Spirituality
The Three Primary Modes of Perception, Conception, and Presumption
The Psycho-Physical Structures of the Body-Mind-Complex and the Stages of Life
Reality and “Point-of-View”
The Three Egos


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