The Seven Stages of Life

Humanity has been presented with many theoretical descriptions of human potential, expressed in terms of stages.

Amid these many voices and views, Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s “map” of the seven stages of life is a bold new Revelation. Unprecedented in scope and authority, it is nothing less than a definitive description of the potential in all human developmental structures, and the Ultimate Divine “Outshining” of human limitation altogether.

With this schema, Avatar Adi Da accomplishes a fundamental ordering and rightening of every potential category of human experience, making sense of the entire history of human endeavor, and making it possible to reach a new understanding of both human maturity and Divine Enlightenment.

The passages in this section are selected from Avatar Adi Da’s summary Essay on the seven stages of life.

“God-Talk, Real-God-Realization, Most Perfect Divine Self-Awakening, and The Seven Possible Stages of Life”

 An essay from The Aletheon

Table of Contents

Overview of the Seven Stages of Life

Dispositions of the Stages of Life

The Seven Stages of Life and The Great Tradition

The Five Orientations Relative to Reality

The Methods of Sixth Stage Orientations

The Responses to Religion and Spirituality

The Three Primary Modes of Perception, Conception, and Presumption

The Psycho-Physical Structures of the Body-Mind-Complex and the Stages of Life

Reality and “Point-of-View”

The Three Egos


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