Sufism and Islam

$13 The Taste of Hidden Things: Images on the Sufi Path by Sara Sviri

The Taste of Hidden Things is a portrait of Sufism as a living mystical system. Sara Sviri brings together the wisdom, metaphysical boldness, and lyrical passion of the great Sufi masters, past and present. A special place is given to al-Hakîm at-Tirmidhî. Excerpts from his work, including teaching dreams of his wife, are published here for the first time in English.

$15 Rumi as a True Lover of God A Collection of Dr. Erkan Türkmen’s Articles on Rumi  
“Everyone became my friend according to his faculty of conception; but a few sought for my real inner secrets. Nevertheless, to discover these secrets one needs universal intellect. Once you discover the universal wisdom, you enjoy every bit of divine manifestation and creation, which should be the target of a perfect man on earth. He should seek God in all religions, science and all sorts of creations regardless of discrimination. The worldly worries should no longer bother him because he enjoys God’s protection as God says in the Quran, Surely, on the friends of God there is no fear nor shall they grieve.”

$15 Qur’anic Concepts of Human Psyche Edited by Zafar Afaq Ansari  

The inner nature of man – human psyche – is a major theme of the Qur’an and the Qur’an uses its own terminology while speaking about it. One comes across terms like ruh, nafs, qalb, etc. What these terms mean, and how their understanding can throw light on human psyche from the Qur’anic perspective, is the topic of this book.

$17 The Essence of Rumi’s Masnevi by Prof. Dr. Erkan Türkmen

The Essence of Rumi’s Masnavi is a remarkable research in English on Rumi that covers the period in which Rumi lived and the teachings of Rumi’s father,his disciple Brurhaneddin Tirmizi and Rumi’ Master Shams. Then the best verses of Rumi’s Masnavi follow in original form (Persian), as well as in English.


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