Perfect Philosophy and Imperfect Philosophy

$12 The Living Energy Universe: A Fundamental Discovery That Transforms Science and Medicine by Gary E. Schwartz and Linda G. Russek

With The Living Energy Universe, Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek explode the popular notion that science and spirituality are forever fated to be at odds. Schwartz and Russek present stunning yet sober evidence that: every idea and awareness ever experienced throughout time is still contained in the memory of the universe, consciousness and the soul survive our body”s death, god exists—and is evolving. Offering new fuel for the faithful, fresh insights for the undecided and experimental evidence for the skeptical, these profound and controversial conclusions will continue to inspire new research into realms once thought beyond the domain of science.

$12 Let There Be Light: Modern Cosmology and Kabbalah–A New Conversation Between Science and Religion by Howard Alan Smith

Smith points out in his preface that he is an observant Jew and a research astrophysicist. His book is about what he calls “the essential complementary of modern scientific cosmology and the Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalah,” Jewish mysticism, the central work of which is the Zohar. Smith posits that the basic theory and its derivations have enabled cosmology to explain the intricate birth and early evolution of the universe. Smith relies on the Zohar and its commentators for most of the cosmological concepts he is comparing. He examines such subjects as Einstein’s theories of relativity and modern quantum mechanics and awareness. The result is a book that Smith hopes will broaden readers’ understanding of the creation of the universe.

$15 Creative Tension: Essays on Science and Religion by Michael Heller

The voice of a renowned professor of philosophy in Poland, who is also a Roman Catholic priest, is introduced to the United States in this collection of his provocative essays on the interplay of science and religion. Michael Heller progressively outlines systematic steps that might lead to a peaceful coexistence of these traditionally separate fields of study. Some essays have their roots in the author’s work in physics and cosmology, while others present his theories on the language of God, creation, and transcendence, inspired by his work in the applications of so-called noncommutative geometry, an emerging field of study.

$23 Ecological Ethics: An Introduction by Patrick Curry   

This book is a major new introduction to the field of ecological ethics. Taking issue with the common assumption that existing human ethics can be ‘extended’ to meet the demands of the ongoing ecological crisis, Patrick Curry shows that a new and truly ecological ethic is both possible and urgently needed. With this distinctive proposition in mind, Curry introduces and discusses all the major concepts needed to understand the full range of ecological ethics.


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