Devotion to the Spiritual Master

$15 Writings on Spiritual Direction by Great Christian Masters Edited by Jerome M. Neufelder and Mary C. Coelho

“Without personal prayer, our ministry will be empty, our words meaningless, our direction totally fruitless. Without prayer we shall never be able to support souls in their weaknesses. They have given themselves to us as those upon whom they may trust, but without prayer we would be the cause of their falls, since they will not find in us the strength and light they need. We being dark and weak ourselves, it is only by the means of prayer that we can be enlightened and made strong in Christ Jesus. All the failures which arise in the direction of souls come from the fact that directors do not apply themselves to the holy exercise of prayer. [Jean-Jacques Olier, French priest and founder of the Society of Saint Sulpice, 1608-57]”

$28 Guru: The Spiritual Master in Eastern and Western Traditions–Authority and Charisma Edited by Antonio Rigopoulos

The book, containing papers presented at a conference held in Venice, Italy, examines the relevance attached to the institution of the guru with special reference to the religions and philosophies of India. It explores the nature and function of the guru figure and the master-disciple interaction in religious traditions of the world including those of Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Greek, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, etc.

$30  Ramana Gita: Dialogues with Sri Ramana Maharshi (Recorded in Sanskrit by Ganapati Muni) English translation and commentary by A. R. Natarajan

Ramana Gita is perhaps the most important of part of the heritage bequeathed by the Sage of Arunachala. This is the first English commentary and a fresh translation of the Ramana Gita. Both in the introduction and in the lucid commentary there is significant background material for a gainful appreciation of the discussions mentioned. Written in a simple style without abstruse philosophical and doctrinaire pronouncements the presentations should appeal to everyone who is attracted to this path or even interested in the higher values of life. This is a rare book.


 Epitome List Completion  Hinduism Buddhism  Renunciation and Realization  Perfect Philosophy and Imperfect Philosophy  Mysticism  Death, Health, and Mind  Sufism and Islam  Word and Myth  The Way of Art

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