Saving the Adidam Amazon Link

Save the Amazon Link to your Desktop:

1) Go to in your browser. Click on one of the three links to Amazon:


2) Click and hold down the mouse-button in the red-circled area with your mouse.


3) Drag and drop the icon onto your computer’s desktop.

4) Then rename the desktop icon, “Adidam Library Amazon Link”.

Save the Amazon Link to your Browser:

Alternatively, you can click on the appropriate link on the page: 


Then you can drag-and-drop the icon onto your browser’s bookmark bar:


The red circle on the left shows the Amazon bookmark on the bookmark bar of the browser, the red circle on the right shows that the link contains the Adidam Library code so the Library gets the referral fee.

Save the Amazon Link to your iPad Tablet:

photo (2)

Start by going to in the Safari browser. Then click on one of the three links (US, Canada, UK) to go to








You go to Tap on the Share icon (the box with an arrow pointing up out of the box) circled in red in the top left corner of the browser.




photo 2

The Share Menu pops up. Select Bookmark or Add to Home Screen.





photo 3

Now you can tap on Add to add the icon to your home screen or bookmarks.





Amazon-IconThe new Amazon icon will appear on your home screen. (Circled in red.)





Email for help setting up Amazon Link:

In case you still need help, you can email us ( for help getting the link on your computer or laptop or tablet.

The Charity Link on Amazon:

In case a Charity Link displays on Amazon, do not use this link, as it only donates 1/2 of 1% to Adidam. Instead, use the above process, so referrals come in at 7% or greater for the Library.

How to use your Amazon Link when Googling

1. Google for an item. If you find a good price/product on Amazon, add it to your shopping cart.

2. Click on your desktop/browser link to Amazon and buy the item.