Sri Ramana Maharshi


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“Sri Ramana Gita”

 That from which all thoughts of embodied beings issue forth is called the Heart. All descriptions are only mental concepts.

The ‘I’ thought is said to be the root of all thoughts. In brief, that from which the ‘I’ thought springs forth is the Heart.

The location of the Heart is on the right side of the chest, not at all on the left. The light of awareness flows from the Heart through sushumna to sahasrara. From there, it flows to the entire body, and then all experiences of the world arise. Viewing them as different from the Light, one gets caught up in samsara.

The whole universe is in the body and the whole body is in the Heart. Hence all the universe is contained in the Heart.

The jnani present in the Heart sees the light of the mind merged in the light of the Heart, like moonlight in daylight.

The notion that the seer is different from the seen is only in the mind. For those that abide in the Heart the seer and the seen are one.

The ‘I’-thought is said to be the sum-total of all thoughts. The source of the ‘I’ thought has to be enquired into. This is Self-enquiry, and not the study of the scriptures. When the source is searched for, the ego gets merged in it. When the ego, which is mere reflection of the Self, totally disappears, what remains is the true Self alone in all its plenitude and perfection. The result of Self-enquiry is freedom from all suffering. This is the highest of all fruits. There is nothing higher than this.

He whose mind has been purified through upasana and other means or by merit aquired in past lives, who perceives the imperfections of the body and sense-objects, and feels utter distaste whenever his mind has to function among sense-objects and who realizes that the body is impermanent, he is said to be a fit person for Self-enquiry.

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