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Presenting The Basket of Tolerance, a Guide to the “common inheritance” or collective treasure of humankind

Find great books, music, and movies  featured on the Basket of Tolerance.

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Whenever you order anything from Amazon please use these one of the following links:

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The Adidam Library at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary will receive a 7% to 15% referral fee, at no cost to you! This payment applies to most items on Amazon, including those sold by third parties. It provides important support to the Library each month.

Follow these easy steps to save the Adidam Library Amazon Link to your computer’s desktop:

Then, rename the desktop icon, “Adidam Library Amazon Link”.


  • One of the major current projects relative to Avatar Adi Da’s Word is completing the Epitome List collection in the Basket of Tolerance Library at the Mountain Of Attention.  It is essential to ensure that there is a full collection at the Mountain Of Attention, as a means of preserving this Gift from Avatar Adi Da in perpetuity. Support the completion of the Epitome of Traditional Esotericism Collection
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